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Introduction to Cybersecurity

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Course Overview

The Introduction to Cybersecurity 2.1 explores the field of cybersecurity, specifically the importance of cybersecurity, data confidentiality, best practices for using the internet and social media safely, and potential career opportunities in this growing field. The 15 hour self-paced course with instructor led option has been updated for public audience and minor content refreshes.


The 15-hour curriculum may be used as a supplement to an existing course or as a short course. Instructors can create a course, enroll students, teach and guide them through the course content, material and activities.

For Students

  • No prerequisites

For Instructors

  • No training required

For Institutions

  • If offered face-to-face: a dedicated classroom with reliable Internet access

Certification and Career Pathways

The demand for cybersecurity experts has grown 3 times faster than any other IT job role, and training a cybersecurity workforce is a priority of many governments. Cybersecurity applies to any professionals responsible for security and privacy of company or customer systems.

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