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This course provides comprehensive first-level training for anyone involved in provision, support, and delivery of IT Services. The ITIL® Framework acts as a source of good practice in service management. ITIL® is used by organizations worldwide to establish and improve capabilities in service management.

Service management is a set of specialized organizational capabilities for providing value to customers in the form of services. The capabilities take the form of functions and processes for managing services over a lifecycle, with specializations in strategy, design, transition, operation, and continual improvement. The capabilities represent a service organization’s capacity, competency, and confidence for action. The act of transforming resources into valuable services is at the core of service management. Without these capabilities, a service organization is merely a bundle of resources that, by itself, has relatively low intrinsic value for customers

ITIL FoundationCourse Objective

The purpose of the ITIL® Foundation certificate in IT Service Management is to obtain knowledge of the ITIL® terminology, structure and basic concepts and to comprehend the core principles of ITIL® practices for service management. The course covers the five core volumes which provide an end-to-end view of IT and its integration with business strategy. Those five core volumes are:

Service strategy provides guidance on how to design, develop, and implement service management. It ensures that the overall business aims and strategies are supported by the IT organization’s aims and strategies.

Service design provides guidance on the design of new or changed services for introduction into the live environment.

Service transition provides guidance on managing change along with risk and quality while ensuring IT Operations can manage those changes within the context of the ICT Infrastructure.

Service operation provides guidance on the day to day management of the ICT Infrastructure. It is also contributes to the Service Management Lifecycle in carrying out those processes which contribute to the optimization of the services provided.

Continual service improvement looks at the Service Management Lifecycle. It identifies opportunities for improvements in the efficiency, effectiveness of the processes and the optimization of the costs associated with service provision.