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Certified Tester Advanced Level Software Testing

Certified Tester Testing in Advanced Level Software

Course Code:


Course Name:

Certified Tester Advanced Level Software Testing

Course Description:

Certified Tester Advanced Level Software Testing is a 5 Day Course.

The Course includes the following:

Testing in the Software Lifecycle

Specific Systems

Metrics and Measurement


Test Process Models

Test Planning & Control

Test Analysis & Design

Test Implementation & Execution

Evaluating Exit Criteria and Reporting

Test Closure Activities

Test Management Documentation

Test Plan Documentation Templates

Test Estimation

Scheduling Test Planning

Test Progress Monitoring & Control

Business Value of Testing

Distributed, Outsourced & In sourced Testing

Risk-Based Testing

Failure Mode & Effects Analysis

Test Management Issues



Defect and Experience-based

Static Analysis

Dynamic Analysis

Quality attributes for domain testing

Quality attributes for technical testing

The Principles of Reviews

Types of Reviews

Introducing Reviews

Success Factors for Reviews

When can a Defect be detected?

Defect Lifecycle

Defect Fields

Metrics & Incident Management

Communicating Incidents

Standards Considerations

Test Improvement Process

Improving the Test Process

Improving the Test Process with TMM

Improving the Test Process with TPI

Improving the Test Process with CTP

Improving the Test Process with STEP

Capability Maturity Model Integration, CMMI

Test Tool Concepts

Test Tools Categories

Individual Skills

Test Team Dynamics

Fitting Testing Within an Organization




The Testing Candidate must hold the Foundation certificate and satisfy the Exam Board which examines them that they have sufficient practical experience to be considered Advanced Level qualified.

Exam ID:

ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level

Exam Description:

The Advanced Level certification will be examined with three major task descriptions such as,

  • 1. Advanced Level Test Manager
  • 2. Advanced Level Test Analyst
  • 3. Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst. Each of them represents basic responsibilities and expectations within an organization.

The Advanced Level exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below:

  • 1. Basic Aspects of Software Testing
  • 2. Testing Processes
  • 3. Test Management
  • 4. Test Techniques
  • 5. Testing of Software Characteristics
  • 6. Reviews
  • 7. Incident Management
  • 8. Standards & Test Improvement Process
  • 9. Test Tools & Automation
  • 10. People Skills – Team Composition



Course Pricing:

Regular Track Fast Track Super Fast Track
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