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77-882:Excel 2010

77-882: Excel 2010

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77-882: Excel 2010

Course Description:

Excel 2010 is a 2 day course.

The Course includes the following:

Navigate through a worksheet.

Print a worksheet or workbook.

Personalize environment by using Backstage.

Construct cell data.

Apply AutoFill.

Apply and manipulate hyperlinks.

Apply and modify cell formats.

Merge or split cells.

Create row and column titles.

Hide and unhide rows and columns.

Manipulate Page Setup options for worksheets.

Create and apply cell styles.

Create and format worksheets.

Manipulate window views.

Manipulate workbook views.

Create formulas.

Enforce precedence.

Apply cell references in formulas.

Apply conditional logic in a formula.

Apply named ranges in formulas.

Apply cell ranges in formulas.

Create charts based on worksheet data.

Apply and manipulate illustrations.

Create and modify images by using the Image Editor.

Apply Sparklines

Share spreadsheets by using Backstage.

Manage comments.

Filter data.

Sort data.

Apply conditional formatting.



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The 77-882 exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below. 1. Managing the Worksheet Environment 2. Creating Cell Data 3. Formatting Cells and Worksheets 4. Managing Worksheets and Workbooks 5. Applying Formulas and Functions 6. Presenting Data Visually 7. Sharing worksheet data with other users 8. Analyzing and Organizing Data



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