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77-881:Word 2010

77-881: Word 2010

Course Code:

MOS: W2010

Course Name:

77-881: Word 2010

Course Description:

Word 2010 is a 2 day course.

The Course includes the following:

Apply different views to a document.

Apply protection to a document.

Manage document versions.

Share documents.

Save a Document.

Apply a template to a document.

Apply font and paragraph attributes.

Navigate and search through a document.

Apply indentation and tab settings to paragraphs.

Apply spacing settings to text and paragraphs.

Create tables.

Manipulate tables in a document.

Apply bullets to a document.

Apply and manipulate page setup settings.

Apply themes.

Construct content in a document by using the Quick Parts tool.

Create and manipulate page backgrounds.

Create and modify headers and footers.

Insert and format Pictures in a document.

Insert and format shapes, WordArt, and SmartArt.

Insert and format Clip Art.

Apply and manipulate text boxes.

Validate content by using spelling and grammar checking options

Configure AutoCorrect settings

Insert and modify comments in a document

Apply a hyperlink.

Create Endnotes and Footnotes in a document.

Create a Table of Contents in a document.

Setup mail merge

Execute mail merge



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Exam Description:

The 77-881 exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below. 1. Sharing and Maintaining Documents 2. Formatting Content 3. Applying Page Layout and Reusable Content 4. Including Illustrations and Graphics in a Document 5. Proofreading documents



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